What Are Some Tips for Building Your Own Dragster?

What Are Some Tips for Building Your Own Dragster?

When building a dragster, get sticky tires, add performance suspension, and rebuild the engine. Other tips including adding more power and remembering to meet all safety requirements.

To ensure that the car runs well on the track, it is best to get a set of sticky tires when building the dragster, such as Mickey Thompson ET Street radials, which are legal both on and off the track. Adding more traction is also important.

Consider adding more suspension, especially if the car has a coil-spring rear suspension. If looking for even more power, consider the addition of no-hop bars, which change the geometry of the rear suspension.

If the dragster has a V8 engine, it should be easy to hit 500 horsepower with a good rebuild. To do this, add aftermarket cylinder heads and a midsize hydraulic roller cam. Also, consider adding power by installing a power booster, but also know that a converter is also necessary if doing this. If this is a new hobby, it's best to add a small nitrous system for more power, too.

Safety is also important when building a new dragster; to learn more about the requirements, consult with the National Hot Rod Association. Necessary safety equipment includes harnesses, safety switches and roll bars.