What Are Some Tips for Boat Carpet Installation?


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Tips for boat carpet installation include getting all the supplies ready before installation, applying an even amount of marine carpet adhesive and stretching the carpet as much as possible. Investing in high-quality marine grade carpet saves money in the long run, as those carpets are more resistant to the elements.

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Getting all the supplies, such as tools and materials, ready before the installation process ensures that the installer has everything necessary. An even amount of marine carpet adhesive keeps the carpet secure in every area. Stretching the carpet as much as possible when placing it on the adhesive prevents the formation of wrinkles in the carpet.

Marine grade carpet is typically resistant to fading, rotting, mildew, staining and sun damage. Benefits of new carpet include a more comfortable feeling for the feet and a better appearance.

Boat carpet installation methods vary, but one method is removing the boat's deck pieces and placing carpet over each piece. After the installer secures the carpet to each deck piece, he reinstalls it in the boat.

The bottom of marine grade carpet has a rubber backing and a grain. For best results, the installer places the carpet so the grain goes in the same direction on the whole boat.

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