How Do You Get a Timber Company Hunting Lease?

Timber company hunting leases are often advertised by the timber company itself. Application forms are available to download from each company website or forms can be requested once a suitable hunting tract has been located.

Companies that offer hunting leases include Roy O. Martin, Rayonier and Plum Creek. To get a hunting lease from Roy O. Martin, fill out the hunting lease application form with all relevant details, enclose the required fee, and submit to the Roy O. Martin Lumber Company mailing address. The required fee includes the lease amount for the desired tract of land plus liability insurance costs and can be paid by check, money order or credit card. Those who wish to pay by credit card must phone the 1-800 number stated on the hunting lease page of the company website. A visit to the hunting tract is recommended beforehand and the tract is available to lease as long as it is featured on the website.

Timber hunting leases are also offered by Plum Creek, one of the largest private landowners in the U.S, on their website. Hunting leases for Southern U.S. States can be requested on, after finding an suitable, available, lease opportunity. The Available Leasing Opportunities link will direct users to current hunting tract vacancies. Users have thirty minutes to complete the online hunting lease request process and payment must be received within seven days of setting up an online account with Plum Creek to successfully obtain a hunting lease.