How Was Tiger Woods Affected by His Cheating Scandal?


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Tiger Woods suffered mentally, socially, professionally, and economically by the cheating scandal. The discovery of the scandal destabilized Tiger Woods mentally, affected his family life and affected his ability to compete professionally.

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Upon the revelation of the cheating scandal surrounding Tiger Woods, the first aspect of his life to be affected was his family life. His now ex-wife Elin Nordegren reacted angrily to the leaked stories, and it is rumored that she even attacked him with a golf club; an encounter that landed him in the hospital. Eventually, the strained relationship ended in divorce, after the number of known mistresses had risen to 15. Apart from his personal life, the area most affected by the scandal was Tiger Woods’ career, as he was forced to take a four-month sabbatical from golf. After coming out of the sabbatical, Tiger Woods recorded his worst performances in his career as a professional golfer, even dropping to number 52 in the rankings. Many observes attributed this downturn in performance to his mental state and loss of confidence. The scandal also led to the loss of lucrative endorsement deals with Gillette, Nike, Gatorade and Accenture. The deal with Accenture alone was worth $10 to $15 million a year. The loss of endorsements, in addition to the poor performances, had a significant financial effect on Tiger Woods.

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