How Do You Tie a Sheet Bend Knot?

How Do You Tie a Sheet Bend Knot?

How Do You Tie a Sheet Bend Knot?

Create a sheet bend knot by forming a "U" with a large or stiff rope, passing one end of a second smaller rope through the bend in the first one, wrapping it around the legs of the "U" and passing it back between itself and the legs. Tighten the knot.

  1. Create the "U"

    Bend the larger or stiffer rope to form a "U." Leave sufficient rope on the shorter leg of the "U" to ensure the knot does not slip through itself.

  2. Attach the second rope

    Pass the end you want to attach through the loop you just formed. Wrap the end around the two legs of the "U." Push the end of the second rope under itself, but on top of the legs of the first rope to form a loop. For ropes with a large difference in size, make a second wrap around the legs before passing the second rope through the loop.

  3. Tighten the knot

    Pull the ends of both ropes to tighten the knot. Sheet bend knots naturally tighten under a load. If you plan to untie the knot in the future, create a second "U" with the end of the second rope as it passes through the loop. This creates a slipknot at the end for easier untying, but it does not affect the overall strength of the knot.