How Do You Tie a Lasso?


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The lasso or lariat, which is commonly used by cowboys, is tied with the Honda knot. Cowboys favor the honda knot for tying their lasso because the knot creates an almost perfect circle. When used with a thick and stiff rope, the knot slides easily along the rope, which makes it a very good choice for a cowboy lasso.

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The following shows how to tie a lasso with the honda knot:

  1. Tie the overhand knot
  2. Begin by tying a loose overhand knot near the end of the rope. At the very end of the rope, tie another overhand knot, but make the knot very tight this time. This end knot will serve as a stopper, which will help prevent the rope end from slipping through the first knot.

  3. Pass through the first overhand knot
  4. With the stopper knot firmly in place near the end of the rope, pass this running end through the loose first overhand knot.

  5. Tighten the overhand knot
  6. Once the running end of the rope is through the loose overhand knot, tighten the knot. Pull the running end of the rope until the stopper is settled snugly on the tightened overhand knot.

  7. Adjust the lasso
  8. The honda knot is finished after the overhand knot is tightened. To adjust the size of the lasso, feed the rope with more slack from the main line through the honda knot.

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