How Do You Tie a Half-Hitch Knot?


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Tie a half-hitch knot by making a simple slipknot and tightening the rope around the standing end to complete the knot. A half-hitch knot holds a light load and comes undone easily.

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  1. Make a loop

    Take your string or rope, and make a loop around the object you need to secure. Leave enough slack to tie the knot.

  2. Pass one end over another

    Pass the end of the rope around the standing end to close the loop. Then, take the end of the rope, and curl it through the loop.

  3. Make a simple slipknot

    Pull the end of your rope until it looks like a simple slipknot, similar to the kind you use to tie your shoe. Your knot should look like a twisted mustache on top of the loop.

  4. Tighten into a half hitch

    Push the slipknot together into a half hitch until it looks like a single loop with the standing end going through it. You now have a loop going around the load and the end of the rope in another loop tied to rest of the line.

  5. Hang the load

    Hang your load with the standing end of the rope. Tighten and loosen the end of the rope to move the half hitch and change the size of the loop holding the load. Tie another half hitch next to the first one to make two half hitches to form a more stable configuration.

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