How Do You Tie a Blood Knot?


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To tie a blood knot, make an X with the tippet and lead lines, wind the tippet around the lead and back around the lead end, wind the lead around the tippet and through the loop, and get the proper grip. Exert even pressure to pull the knot tight.

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  1. Prepare the lines

    Place the lines to be joined end to end. Overlap the lines at least 3 inches, creating an X.

  2. Twist one side

    Hold the center of the X between your thumb and forefinger. Take hold of one end of the line, called the tippet, and pull it over the leader line. Continue circling the tippet around the leader. Wrap the tippet around the leader line five times.

  3. Tuck the tag end

    Switch grips so that your other hand is holding the intersection of the lines. The tail of the leader line should be straight up. Tuck the tail of the tippet around the leader line. Secure it in your grip.

  4. Twist the other side

    Take hold of the end of the leader line. Wrap it over the tag end and the tippet line in the opposite direction of the first wind. Wrap it five times.

  5. Tuck the lead end

    Insert the end of the leader line through the loop in the center in the opposite direction of the tag end.

  6. Pull the knot tight

    Hold the tipper line in the middle fingers of one hand and the lead line in the middle fingers of the other hand. Use both sets of pointer fingers and thumbs to grip the tag and lead ends. Exerting even pressure on all four parts, pull the knot tight.

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