How Do You Tie a Basic Knot?


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To tie a basic square knot, cross a rope over itself to form a loop and then wrap one of the ends once around the loop to create what is known as a "throw". Take the end of the rope that was used to create the first throw, and wrap it around the other part of the rope that was not used in the loop or the first throw, creating a second loop.

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At this point, the throw should be in the middle of the two loops, acting as the base for both. Wrap the end once around the second loop to create a second throw, and then pull tightly on the end of the rope to finish the knot.

To tie a one hand tie over an object, start by placing the rope underneath the object and then pulling one end over the object and over the other end of the rope to create a loop over the object. Pull one end of the rope through the loop, and then close the knot in its current state, creating the first throw. From there, take the two ends, and repeat the process over the first knot, creating a double knot. This process is repeatable until the ends of the rope are too short to form another knot.

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