How Do You Tie a Basic Fishing Knot?


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There are numerous fishing knots, the most basic of which can be tied by looping a line and wrapping it back around itself. One popular knot which uses this technique is the uni knot.

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How Do You Tie a Basic Fishing Knot?
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A uni knot is a multi-purpose knot. The name "uni" comes from '"universal", and it's an easy way to tie a hook, lure or fly to a line.

  1. Thread the lure
  2. Take the eye of the hook, lure or fly to be tied. Thread the end of the line through it.

  3. Make a loop
  4. Form a loop in the thread and pass the end of the line back through it.

  5. Wrap four times
  6. Wrap the line around the standing part and back through the loop, passing the end of the line back over and through. Repeat this four times, or more if the line is very fine.

  7. Make a loose knot
  8. Wet the line with water or saliva and pull the end up and away from the eye to tighten it. It should form a knot a short distance from the eye, with a loop of thread between them.

  9. Tighten the knot
  10. Wet the line again if it's dry, and then pull the standing part of the line to draw the knot close to the eye, closing the loop.

  11. Get rid of excess thread
  12. Trim the end of the line.

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