How Do You Throw a Splitter?


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To throw a splitter, or a split-fingered fastball, grip the ball with the index and middle fingers on opposite sides of the baseball, making a V. Hold the baseball deep in your palm and stiffen your wrist, and then throw the ball.

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  1. Start your windup or stretch motion in the same way you would for a fastball

    Keep your motion consistent so that the batter does not have the chance to guess the pitch you are throwing. Use the same arm action and speed you do for your fastball as well.

  2. Hold your hand and wrist for a splitter

    Grip the ball with your second and third fingers on either side of the ball rather than along the seams, as you would for a fastball. Use the thumb to support the ball, and keep the ball a little farther back in your hand than you would for a fastball. Stiffen the wrist to ensure that the splitter breaks downward as it approaches the plate.

  3. Emphasize the strong wrist as you follow through

    Do not allow your wrist to flop back too far as you bring your arm through with the ball. Letting the wrist sag robs the splitter of its downward break, leaving a very hittable pitch out over the plate.

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