How Do You Throw a Knife?


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To throw a knife, use the proper grip, distance, stance and throwing technique. Throwing a knife requires you to be aware of several factors, including the type of knife you are throwing and the distance the knife needs to travel. These factors influence the type of grip and throwing motion that you use.

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  1. Grip the knife

    Grip the knife with the appropriate hold. If the knife is heavy, use a hammer grip. For this grip, hold the knife as you would a hammer, with your thumb on the spine of the blade. If it is a lighter knife, you may want to use a pinch grip. This grip squeezes the knife between your thumb and index finger.

  2. Set the distance

    Set the appropriate distance to throw the knife. These distances allow you to test the accuracy of your technique, provided you are gripping the handle correctly. The first distance is called the stick, which is roughly three meters. The second distance is three meters behind the first target. As your accuracy improves, these distances can become longer.

  3. Get into the throwing position

    Get into the throwing position as this is a total body movement. Start with your left foot in front of your right. There should be about 2 feet between them. Both of your knees are bent and your body weight should be balanced on the back foot. If you are left-handed, this stance should be opposite.

  4. Throw the knife

    Throwing the knife begins with both arms extended straight in front of you. The arm holding the knife swings backward until the knife is even with the head. In a controlled motion, this arm swings forward as the weight shifts from the back foot to the front. The chest follows this movement, but the right shoulder does not move. As the right arm comes back into alignment with the left one, release the knife, and snap the fingers together.

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