How Do You Throw a Gryoball?


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To throw a gyro ball, you must grip the ball as you would a fastball. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and snap your wrist as if throwing a curve ball. Finally, turn your wrist to add the unique spin of the gyro ball.

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  1. Get into position

    Hold the baseball with a soft grip with the thumb bisecting the index and middle finger, as you would hold a fastball. Next, make sure your shoulders are stacked directly above your hips.

  2. Throw the ball correctly

    Bring your arm forward and down as your shoulder rotates. Twist your arm so that the back of your hand faces you. Next, snap your wrist back and your finger down, similar to the throw of a curve ball.

  3. Learn the gyro spin

    To throw the unique spin, you must turn your wrist as the ball is released. Your right palm should be facing toward the left, while your arm is pronated. The spin of the gyro ball should rotate clockwise and not cause a pressure difference around the ball, unlike other pitches.

  4. Practice the pitch

    Perfect your pitching skills by practicing this pitch and other pitches regularly. Practice throwing a gyro ball with a knuckleball motion, rather than throwing overhand.

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