How Do You Throw a Football?


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To throw a football, hold it in your dominant hand, step forward with your non-dominant foot, draw your hand back, and whip it forward in a straight line. This process takes about two seconds and requires no equipment other than the football.

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How Do You Throw a Football?
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  1. Pick up the football

    Grasp the football with your dominant hand. Put your pointer finger on the second lace, and rest your pinkie finger on the fifth. Hold the ball firmly, but leave a small space between it and your palm.

  2. Raise both arms

    Raise your arms to chest height, and plant both feet under your shoulders. Stand perpendicular to your target area, with your non-throwing arm closest to it.

  3. Step forward

    Lift the football up and away from the target. Keep it almost parallel to the ground, and raise your throwing elbow above your shoulder. Step forward with the leg closest to the target, and keep most of your weight on your rear leg.

  4. Throw the football

    Shift your weight to your leading leg, extend your throwing arm in a straight line, and throw the ball over your head. Rotate your torso as you throw so your sternum lines up with the target.

  5. Release the ball

    Release the ball as you straighten your throwing arm. As the ball leaves your fingers, rotate your hand and forearm until your thumb points to the ground.

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