How Do You Throw a Discus?

How Do You Throw a Discus?

To throw a discus, go through a complete rotation and a half within the dimensions of the ring as you move from the rear to the front. Release the disc in an upward motion and push with your fingers to get a smooth, flat spin.

  1. Prepare for the spin

    Grasp the discus from the top with your throwing hand, spreading your fingers evenly and arranging the first segment of each finger along the edge of the discus. Brace the discus from beneath with your other hand. Stand with your back to your target, at the rear of the ring. Bend your waist slightly, and stand with your feet just wider than your shoulders.

  2. Begin your movements

    Raise the discus up in front of your non-throwing shoulder, swinging it back to the throwing shoulder. Repeat this once or twice to build a rhythm. Turn your torso clockwise, and bring the discus as far around as you can while just holding it with your throwing hand. Point your other arm in the opposite direction. Keep your weight on your back foot, with your other heel up off the ground.

  3. Start the spin

    Begin turning your shoulders toward the throw as you move your weight to your front foot. Pick up your rear foot, and bring it around the front foot, pivoting on your front foot as you spin into the middle of the ring. Push off with your pivot foot onto your rear foot, twisting up to the front of the ring. Switch pivot feet, bringing your front foot to land to the outside of the rear foot. Plant your front foot and your non-throwing side firmly. Stretch your throwing arm out, and send the discus through in an upward motion, moving from your hip to release at eye-level. Push with your middle finger, ring finger and pinky to spin it. Avoid the temptation to throw it with your wrist; let the power come from your spin and your hand.