How Do You Throw a Cut Fastball?


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Throw a cut fastball—a pitch between a fastball and a slider—by getting a proper grip on the baseball, and then adjusting the placement of your fingers and the position of your wrist accordingly. A cut fastball moves similar to a tight slider.

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  1. Grip the ball as if throwing a two-seam fastball

    Place your index and middle fingers along the narrow seams of the ball.

  2. Move both fingers over to the right of the ball

    The middle finger can either be place along the seam, or the seam can be running in between both fingers. Your fingers should be relatively close to each other.

  3. Move your thumb over to the left of the ball

    Move your thumb to where it is diametrically opposed to your other two fingers at the top of the ball.

  4. Turn your wrist lightly in the direction of your thumb

    If you are throwing right handed, turn your wrist to the left. If you are throwing left handed, turn your wrist to the right.

  5. Put extra pressure on your middle finger

    When throwing a cut fastball, put extra pressure on your middle finger. This will help the ball cut by creating a natural spin.

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