How Do You Throw a Changeup?


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To throw a changeup, encircle your fingers on the side of the ball, and rotate your release so the circle faces the plate. A changeup pitch approaches the plate slower than a fastball, encouraging batters to swing early.

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  1. Grip the ball

    Place your middle, ring and pinky fingers perpendicularly across the baseball seams. At the side of the ball, form a circle by placing your index finger on top of your thumb, just below the joint. The circle should resemble an OK gesture. Keep the ball nestled firmly against the circle.

  2. Wind up the pitch

    Wind up the pitch using your normal technique for a fastball. Use the glove to hide the pitch as long as possible, and maintain your fastball mechanics to confuse the batter.

  3. Rotate the release, and follow through

    As you bring the ball forward, rotate your wrist so the circle faces the plate. Keep your thumb pointing straight down as you release the ball, and follow through on the release to keep the pitch from coming in too high. To use the changeup effectively, throw this pitch no more than 20 percent of the time, and use it early in an inning to keep batters guessing.

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