What Things Should Be on a List to Prepare for Camping?

What Things Should Be on a List to Prepare for Camping?

Camping checklists should generally include cooking supplies, bedding, clothing and emergency gear. The specifics vary depending on personal preferences, the length of the trip and the time of year, among other factors.

Cooking checklists should also include a meal plan, with all necessary ingredients planned out in advance. Eating utensils, plates, cups and pans are also essential. A camp stove or another cooking device is a good idea. Trash bags are useful. Containers for drinking water should also be included.

Bedding and shelter include a tent, sleeping bags and pillows. People using new tents should unpack the gear and test it before leaving on the trip and always check to make sure all poles and stakes are included. Air mattresses or sleeping pads can make a camping trip more comfortable. Adequate lighting, such as lanterns and headlamps, is important.

Clothing varies significantly but should involve any necessary hiking clothing. Long underwear, rain gear and moisture-wicking clothing are important in case of inclement weather. Hats are a good idea to block the sun. For trips near lakes, swimming suits and sandals are important to remember.

Campers should never travel without a well-stocked first aid kit. Extra batteries for any electrical devices, such as flashlights, are essential. Signalling equipment, such as signal mirrors and whistles, can alert rescuers if the campers get lost. Sunscreen and personal items such as toothpaste and any prescription medication should also be included.