What Are Some Things to Do Outdoors?

What Are Some Things to Do Outdoors?

Some outdoor activities during the summer include hiking, biking, water sports, bird watching, fishing and playing outdoor games. Winter activities include downhill skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating and sledding.

Hiking is accessible to all ages and fitness levels because people can hike on a level trail in an urban setting or on a rough mountain path, and the activity only requires supportive shoes. People can bike on the streets or sidewalks of a city, on trails in a park or on mountain biking paths.

Water sports include self-powered sports such as rafting, kayaking or swimming as well as boat-powered sports such as water skiing, tubing or wake boarding. People can bird watch from a backyard or a wildlife sanctuary using binoculars and a field guide. They can fish at a pond, lake, river or ocean with only a fishing pole, tackle and bait.

Fun outdoor games include team sports such as soccer and football or small-group activities such as creating an obstacle course or playing disc golf or tennis.

Downhill skiing and snowboarding require snow, special equipment and usually a pass to a mountain. Snowshoeing also requires special equipment and snow, but people can snowshoe on any hiking trail that has deep enough snow. Ice skating requires ice skates and admission to an ice rink. Sledding simply requires a slope covered in snow and a sled.