What Are Some Things That Doomsday Preppers Need to Survive?


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Doomsday preppers assert that they need to have adequate stocks of food, water and ammunition to survive a variety of scenarios. Some preppers believe that, in addition to stocks of necessities, they need to have multiple plans for stretching their supplies that take into account different types of disasters. For example, preppers should store 20 gallons of water but also have a purification system and a known source of additional water.

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Stores of ammunition, prescription medications, canned foods and LED flashlights appear on lists of supplies preppers should have. One person recommends 20 pounds each of rice and beans, 20 cans each of canned fruits and vegetables, a can opener, 2 large jars of peanut butter and 400 tablets of multivitamins. People wanting to survive disasters should have practical clothing and shoes for all types of weather, tools for various types of construction and repairs, a generator and extension cords.

Preppers value and exhibit traits such as thrift, avoiding debt, industriousness and self-reliance. Preppers routinely conduct disaster drills involving each family member, training in weapon use and first aid. They commonly run drills using paint gun scenarios. Some plant gardens to supply their food needs, build bunkers in their homes, and have military gear and vehicles. They have both evacuation and "bug-in" plans.

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