How Is Technology Used in Sports?

Sporting technology is used to make judging and compiling results more accurate, as well as to design equipment for high-level competitive sports. It has also given rise to new sporting events and improved the functionality of personal sports gear such as clothing and shoes.

The use of technology in sports has enhanced sports facilities and equipment design in a wide range of sports. Tools such as Computer Assisted Design (CAD) play an important role in developing equipment for competitive sporting events in the Olympics. "Smart" technology is also used to help athletes improve and evaluate their performance by incorporating sensors and computers in training equipment. Athletes can use this technology for exercise stress testing, cardiovascular assessment and evaluating strength and condition.

In addition to helping athletes, technology also helps umpires and referees make better decisions during sporting events. Most professional sports in the United States use instant replay and other high-tech aids to help officials make the right call, while international sports, such as cricket and tennis, use Hawk Eye technology to trace a ball's trajectory. According to Topend Sports Network, the Hawk Eye uses a computer and a 600 frame-per-second camera to analyze information about the game before sending the information to the official's headset or device on his wrist.