How Is Technology Used in Soccer?

According to a New York Times article written by Jack Bell, a goal-line technology was introduced into the sport of soccer beginning in 2013. The purpose of this technology is to avoid goals being inaccurately called for failing to cross the goal line.

Technology usage is on a rapid rise in all sports. Even though the goal-line technology is the only official technology used by officials during the game of soccer, there are several uses of technology while broadcasting each game. For example, many television companies are looking to build on the advances of Internet and 3D technology to provide realistic-looking games to fans via the Web. According to, it is common for cameras, video and computer technology to be used to automatically calculate a player's position and track his movements. The source recommends that the sport use Global Positioning Systems in efforts to analyze player movements during games and practices. Those analyses could be used in scouting prospects and developing players and team practices in efforts to gain a competitive advantage. also suggests the use of artificial intelligence in soccer, as it could integrate a reputable coach's expert knowledge and selection criteria into a computer system and make that information available in the process of developing a player.