What Are Some Techniques for Making European Skull Mounts?


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Some techniques for making European skull mounts include simmering the skull in hot water and using dermestid beetles to remove the meat from the skull. Bleaching the skull after cleaning is another technique involved in making European skull mounts.

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One technique for making a European skull mount is to simmer the skull in hot water for several hours up to an entire day. Set up a canning pot or cauldron that is large enough to hold the skull, and fill it with water. Heat the water using a propane stove. Add a small amount of dish detergent to the pot to limit grease.

Take the skull out each hour, and scrape loose meat off. Change the water when it gets too many chunks of flesh in it. Do not bring the water to a boil, as this destroys the bones and causes the skull to fall apart.

Another method for making European skull mounts is to use dermestid beetles to consume the flesh on the skull. Scrape the largest portions of meat off the skull, then place the skull in the dermestid colony. If you do not have a dermestid beetle farm, use sites such as CleanBone.com and BeetleCleaning.com to find dermestid beetle keepers to do this task for you.

Another technique for creating a European skull mount is to use a kit. Kits include European skull reproductions made of plastic. Saw the antlers off the real skull, and mount them on the plastic skull provided by the kit.

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