Which Teams Have Won the Most Championships in Curling During the Olympic Games?

Throughout the history of the Winter Olympics, teams from Canada have won the most curling gold medals; five in all. Overall, Canada has won five gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals since 1998, when curling was recognized as an official Olympic sport.

Canadian men's teams have won three gold medals in a row from the 2006 Winter Games through the 2014 Winter Games, and the women's teams have won two; one in the 1998 Games and another in the 2014 Games. A total of 132 athletes have won Olympic medals in curling, and seven athletes have won two medals.

The first Olympic curling tournament for men took place at the 1924 Olympics. Since then, it had been deemed a demonstration sport and not officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Last contested as a demonstration event in 1932, curling didn't resurface until the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Canada. Finally in 1998, curling was officially recognized as a legitimate competition for both men and women.