What Team Has Had the Most Victories in Sports History?


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While American sports teams have different criteria when factoring the team with the most wins in sports history, the Los Angeles Lakers come in at the top of the list with a percentage of 60.4 wins. Other teams in the top seven include the Chicago Bears football team, the San Antonio Spurs, the Boston Celtics, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Yankees, all as of April, 2015.

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The New York Yankees hold the record for the most title wins, setting the bar at 26 during the 106 years that the team has existed. The Yankees also have more wins than any other team, but when compared with their losses, fall behind the Lakers to 5th place, percentage wise.

The Yankees wins even out to 9,986, and the baseball teams losses stop in the range of 7,600. The Lakers' success rate resides at a lifetime record of 3217 wins, pushing them over the edge to a 61 percent win ratio.

The L.A. Lakers also hold the record for the longest winning streak, taking the upper hand in 33 straight games during the 1971-1972 season, before winning the championship. In the NFL, the longest winning streak belongs to the New England Patriots, who won 21 games straight in the 2003-2004 seasons.

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