How Do You Teach Kids the Basics of Soccer?


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To teach kids the basics of soccer, pick a skill to briefly explain, and have the kids do drills or play simple games that focus on that skill. Basic soccer skills to teach include dribbling, passing, shooting and defense.

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How Do You Teach Kids the Basics of Soccer?
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Young children have short attention spans, so it's best to keep explanations and demonstrations short to prevent boredom. Dribbling involves controlling the ball while moving on the field. One way to teach dribbling is a cone drill, where each kid dribbles around a series of cones.

A passing drill involves dividing the kids into groups of two or more and having them pass the ball to one another. As they get better, they can start moving around while passing and receiving passes. To practice shooting, kids can take shots at a goal. When they can shoot at the goal accurately, add a goalie. Using one of the kids as a goalie allows that player to work on defense while the rest work on shooting.

Basic defense involves blocking another player's path and taking the ball. Players can practice this with each other.

For young children, small-team soccer games are an effective, fun way to enhance skills. Games with one to three players on each side allow every player to touch the ball frequently.

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