How Do You Tape a Hockey Stick?

How Do You Tape a Hockey Stick?

To wrap a hockey stick, start at the heel, wrapping one long piece of tape around the blade all the way to the toe. Cut the tape when you reach the toe, and apply a layer of hockey stick wax to hold the tape in place and cushion hard passes.

  1. Start at the heel

    Begin by running a tape strip along the bottom of the blade, to help the tape job last longer. Remember that the bottom wears out first, so this extra layer gives the tape more durability. Start a new piece of tape at the heel, wrapping it vertically around the blade.

  2. Keep wrapping the tape

    Angle the tape toward the toe once you make one complete circle around the blade. Overlap the tape so that at least one half of the prior loop is covered by the new loop. Use an even larger overlap if you want maximum durability from the tape job. Do not let the tape sag or develop wrinkles or bunches.

  3. Cut the tape at the toe

    Finish wrapping the tape at the toe. Cut the tape so that the end rests on, or just over, the top of the blade, so that the blade's edge is even both to the forehand and backhand. Rub the rounded edge of a puck along the tape, rolling from head to toe, pressing the tape in. Apply wax over the whole taped portion of the blade, following the grain of the tape job.