How Do You Swing a Baseball Bat?


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To swing a baseball bat, bring the bat around at a level position, and transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot as you complete the swing. These instructions are for right-handed hitters. Reverse the hand order and bat-box position for left-handed hitters.

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  1. Grip the bat

    Place your left hand near the bat's base, and place your right hand directly on top of your left. Grip the bat securely.

  2. Position your body and the bat

    Stand in the batter's box on the side that is closest to third base. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, and slightly bend your knees. Turn your head to face the pitcher, and bring the bat up so that your right elbow is nearly level with your right shoulder. Point the bat barrel straight up, and hold the bat about six inches away from your chest. Rest your weight on your back foot.

  3. Swing the bat

    Lift your left leg a few inches as the pitcher throws the ball. As you swing the bat, step forward with your left leg and shift your weight to that foot, rotating your hips as you turn toward the ball. Pivot your right foot, keeping your toes on the ground. Hold your elbows in as you swing level. Follow the swing all the way through, letting the momentum carry the bat.

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