How Do You Swim Underwater?

How Do You Swim Underwater?

There are several ways to swim underwater, but a simple and effective way is to use the breaststroke. To perform the breaststroke, extend your arms and legs in a linear fashion. Pull down with your palms as you bring your heel to your rear and kick out, then repeat.

  1. Extend your arms and legs

    Position your arms and legs together in a linear fashion. Straighten your arms toward the destination, face both palms down, and touch your thumbs together. Extend your legs, and point your feet outwards.

  2. Start the stroke

    Keep your arms extended, and face your palms outwards while you bring both feet toward your rear.

  3. Finish the stroke

    Point your toes to the side, and push back on the water using a circular motion. At the same time, separate your arms, and pull back on the water with your palms.

  4. Revert to the original position

    At the end of the stroke, bring your elbows toward your body, and straighten your arms towards your destination. As your legs complete the circular motion, bring them back to their linear position, and repeat the stroke.