How Do You Swim Freestyle?

How Do You Swim Freestyle?

To swim freestyle, extend one arm at a time, and pull down against your body while kicking. Every few strokes, move your head out of the water to breathe, and turn your face away from the arm that is pulling.

  1. Extend and pull your arms

    Extend your right arm as far in front of you as possible, and turn your hand away from your body. Pull your arm down, curving your hand inward and bending your elbow as you pull. Bring your bent arm out of the water once your hand is on line with your hip. As your right arm begins its downward pull, repeat the process with your left arm so that one arm exits the water as the other enters.

  2. Kick

    Keep your legs under the water and in line with your body. Make small kicks by alternating your legs quickly. Large kicks add resistance and slow you down.

  3. Turn to breathe

    Keep your neck on line with your back, and tilt your head 45 degrees upward. This position creates the least amount of resistance while swimming. Turn your head to one side to breathe as needed, rotating away from the pulling arm and maintaining the 45-degree angle.