What Are Surfboards Made Of?


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There are two different types of surfboards, traditional fiberglass and epoxy. Traditional fiberglass surfboards are made with POLY/PU materials. POLY is a term used for polyester resin that is used in the construction of the fiberglass board, and PU is the acronym for polyurethane foam that forms the core of the fiberglass surfboard.

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The traditional fiberglass surfboard is shaped using PU foam, which is coated with weighted fiberglass cloth. It is then laminated using a POLY resin. The construction is completed after the board is sanded and cured.

Epoxy surfboards are constructed using an EPOXY resin, which is considered stronger and more durable. The EPOXY resin is also less toxic. It has an expanded polystyrene, or EPS, foam core. The EPS core is lighter than PU or the standard polyurethane foam that forms the core for the traditional fiberglass surfboard. The epoxy surfboard is also covered with a weighted fiberglass cloth. There are different types of epoxy surfboards, such as hand shaped, molded and epoxy with high density PVC compression.

Besides EPS, the epoxy surfboard is also constructed using another type of foam core called the extruded polystyrene. Extruded polystyrene is made of a closed cell structure that is more resistant to wear and tear, and it has the ability to repel water.

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