How Do You Surf Fish?


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Surf fishing allows anglers to fish from the edge of the water, but be able to move up and down the coast or even into the water as necessary to locate where the fish are biting. Surf fishing requires the use of medium to heavy action rods connected to heavy duty spinning reels that are loaded with between 17- to 20-pound test line. Anglers often use more than one rod and reel at a time, allowing them to increase the number of fish they can potentially catch.

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Surf fishing is very similar to that of pier fishing except for surf anglers have the ability to move about much more freely and usually have a section of the beach to themselves. Surf anglers typically use sinkers, ranging between 3 and 8 ounces, and a range of baits, including live bait like shrimp and crabs and artificial lures like metal spoons, jigs and plastic worms and shrimp.

Surf anglers typically use rod holders or surf spikes to hold their fishing poles securely into the sand, which allows anglers to move them back and forth as needed, such as when the tide is going in or out. Keys to surf fishing include looking out for schools of baitfish, where birds are feeding and areas where fish congregate close to shore, such as jetties, inlets and troughs.

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