Are Super Bowls Usually High Scoring Games?


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Super Bowl scores vary from very low to very high and range from a team's lowest score of 3 points to the highest of 55; the average total points scored in a typical Super Bowl game is 19.25. Super Bowl XXIV was the largest margin of victory in Super Bowl history with a score differential of 45 points, 55 to 10, in the game won by the San Francisco 49ers against the Denver Broncos.

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Many records have been set in some of the high-scoring Super Bowl games. In Super Bowl XXIV, the 49ers were the only team to score eight touchdowns in a Super Bowl game followed closely by the Cowboys with 52 points in Super Bowl XXVII. The Dallas Cowboys' scored 30 points in Super Bowl XII and remain the only team to score so high and still lose, as of 2015. The highest scoring Super Bowl game of all time was Super Bowl XXIX with a cumulative record of 75 points.

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