What Do Sumo Wrestlers Eat?

What Do Sumo Wrestlers Eat?

A staple of most sumo wrestlers' diet is chankonabe, a one pot stew. Ingredients vary, but it typically includes a large amount of meat and vegetables. Bowls of rice are served as a side.

Ingredients often found in chankonabe include shiitake mushrooms, sliced tofu, chicken, pork and carrots. Sumo wrestlers drink beer with their meals. Occasional sides include omelettes, shrimp dumplings and fried chicken. Chankonabe has a high protein content and is healthy when eaten in moderation.

Sumo wrestlers train in the morning on an empty stomach to slow down the body's metabolism. Several hours later, they eat their first meal. After eating, the sumo wrestlers take a long nap, which helps store the food as fat. In the early evening, they train again. After that, they eat another large meal, then fast overnight.

Some sumo wrestlers eat over 10 pounds of meat or 10 bowls of rice in one meal, while others eat so much that they vomit. Another, Takamisugi, is known for eating 65 bowls of chankonabe, or about 29 pounds of beef, in one meal.

Sumo wrestlers train in stables. Sumo protocol dictates that the stable master is served food first. The veterans are served after him, and rookies are served last to motivate them.