What Is a Summary of "Football Genius"?

"Football Genius" by Tim Green is the story of a young boy named Troy who can predict football plays based on pattern analysis and the way the players line up. He can do this for any team after just a few minutes of watching them play.

When Troy's mother gets a job working for the Atlanta Falcons, Troy is excited about the opportunity to get involved with the team and show them what he can do. However, tight security around the team blocks Troy's attempts to speak with the coach.

Troy and his friends come up with a plan to get noticed by Seth Halloway, the team's star linebacker. The boys steal a football from Halloway's backyard, but then runs into trouble when he can't make his way back in to the exclusive neighborhood to return the ball.

Instead, Troy tries to force his way in to see the Falcons' coach and ends up getting caught by security, resulting in his mom getting fired.

Green tells the story in such a way as to capture the trials of being a preteen and dealing with peer pressure and trying to prove oneself. He presents the story with humor, action and excitement in a lighthearted novel.