How Do You Submit a Tillamook Bay Fishing Report?

To submit a Tillamook Bay fishing report, use the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website, browse to the Recreation Report, and then choose the option to send a report. A biologist may use the information to update the website for others.

When filling out a report for Tillamook Bay fishing, fill out the body of water, date and time of fishing and the species of fish the report is for. There is also a way to report how the fishing at the location was, ranging from poor to phenomenal. If the fishing conditions do not fit into any of those ratings, there is also an area where a reporter can add additional information.

The reporting form also asks for information as to what the fishing method was when visiting the body of water. In this case, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife asks for information about the fishing presentation to catch the fish, such as trolling with flashers, nymphing with flies or pulling spinners with a fast retrieve. There is additionally an area where the department asks about special conditions. In this area, offer information about water clarity, weed growth or levels. Before sending the report to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, make sure to include a name, phone number and email address.