What Subjects Are Covered in Most Online Hunter Safety Courses?

What Subjects Are Covered in Most Online Hunter Safety Courses?

Most online hunter safety courses cover firearms safety, outdoors safety, responsible hunting and wildlife management. Some states may require additional topics to be covered as well.

Firearms safety is a major component of most hunter safety courses. The courses teach hunters how to store and transport their weapons safely. Another focus is on how to set up a safe shot, making sure the hunter knows what she is shooting at and what is behind the animal she is aiming at. Some courses also cover other weapons, such as bows and muzzle loaders.

Outdoor safety skills are important as well. These generally entail basic wilderness navigation and first aid. They also cover what to do in emergency situations, such as if the hunter gets lost or caught in a bad storm.

Wildlife management and hunter responsibility generally focus on ethical hunting methods that leave minimal impact on the land and nature. They discuss humane ways to kill the animal, as well as which animals to focus on. They also often emphasize the role of hunters in nature conservation and population management.

Hunter safety courses are required in most states before people can obtain a hunting license. Online courses may not be allowed in all states, but where they are allowed, the hunter generally has to print a certificate showing successful completion and present that to the hunting license vendor.