How Do I String a Compound Bow?


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Stringing a compound bow is a delicate process. You'll need a bow press and replacement strings. Once you have inserted the bow into the press correctly, remove the old string safely while inserting the new one, testing and adjusting as necessary./

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  1. Place the compound bow into the bow press

    Insert the compound bow into the bow press. Lock the handgrips into the center lock. Then lock the limbs into the arms. Use the tension adjusters to bend the limbs so the old string can be removed.

  2. Inspect and install the new string

    Inspect the new string for any imperfections. Don't use a defective string. Wax the string to make it easier to install. Place the new string over the old one, and remove the old string while holding the new one in place.

  3. Remove the bow and inspect it

    Release the tension on the bow press and remove the compound bow. Check the bow's shape. Pull back on the new string, letting it slowly return to its original position.

  4. Test-fire the bow

    If the bowstring has been installed properly, the bow will shoot straight. If it doesn't shoot straight, the bow was bent incorrectly in the press and must be taken to a professional to be repaired.

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