Which Stores Offer Low Prices on SnugTop Camper Shells?


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When looking for a SnugTop camper shell, a good option for discovering lower prices is to choose a vendor that specializes in used truck parts, such as Leisurewest.net, Americantruckoutfitters.com or Discountcamperstore.com.

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SnugTop is the top performing and most popular maker of camper shells and is often considered superior to numerous other brands. Founded in 1959, SnugTop has a long history of engineering quality camper shells and hard tops, making its products incredibly reliable and its replacement parts easy to obtain. Almost any store that sells camper shells carries SnugTop as one of its premier brands.

With long-standing credibility, however, comes a larger price tag. Depending on the make and model of the desired camper shell, a brand new SnugTop can run from about $1,800 to $3,000, as of 2015. A good way to find lower prices for SnugTop products is by shopping for used camper shells. When purchasing a used camper shell, an important thing to keep in mind is finding an exact fit. Due to small nuances in the shape and size of both the camper shells and the truck beds, each pairing requires a highly specific fit. Be sure to properly research both the shell and truck model to ensure perfect compatibility.

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