What Steps Should You Take to Create Your Own Wild Self?


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Creating your own wild self requires setting goals, identifying local resources, educating yourself and taking action. By following these steps, you can reconnect with nature and create a wild self that reclaims freedom and joy and brings it into your everyday life.

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Everyone has an inner wild self, so the process is really more about uncovering what is there rather than creating. The first thing to do is set goals. Make it simple at first, like getting outside in nature for at least 30 minutes each day. Then gradually build to kayaking the Colorado River, climbing Mount McKinley or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Next, find out about local resources that can help you reach your goals. This includes spaces where you can get out in the wild and contact nature as well as sources for education, training and other support. Before taking on any challenges, get the knowledge and practice you need to be safe. Check online to learn about opportunities for wilding near your home and find local outdoor activity organizations. Outdoor equipment stores are also a good starting point.

The most important thing to do is take action. This can be as easy as walking to the nearest park or green space in your neighborhood. Try to plan a full-day outdoor activity at least one weekend per month. If your goals include eventually using specialized skills to take on more challenging activities, set aside a night or two every week to take lessons, practice and get in shape.

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