What Steps Are Needed to String an Open Reel Fishing Pole?

Stringing an open reel fishing pole involves placing the correct type of line on the fishing reel and threading the pole. Open reel poles are often used for bass or trout fishing or by anglers.

An open reel fishing pole is also called a spinner rod and reel combination. There are a number of ordered steps required to string an open reel pole.

Reel placement

The reel itself must be placed on the pole. It should align with the rod guides and be seated with the tightening ring.


It is important to use the proper weight of fishing line for the intended catch. The length of line should be extended from the spool and secured to the reel barrel with a reel knot or an arbor knot, which are both formed with a noose-like loop. The knot should be tightened and any access line should be trimmed to avoid snags.


The line should be spooled onto the barrel by winding the handle in the direction needed to bring in a fish. Twists in the line should be avoided and winding should follow the motion of the bail arm.


Once the barrel is full, the line should be cut to remove the spool. The cut end can then be threaded through the guides that run the length of the pole. The bail arm should be raised and enough line pulled through to reach the top guide on the rod.