What are some steelhead fishing tips?


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To make catching steelhead trout easier, keep migration patterns and season in mind, use longer rods for versatility and slower swings, use leaders that can be easily swapped between catches and prioritize using egg sac bait, a favorite of steelheads. As with all fishing, allow time to fully cover a selected fishing spot but do not hesitate to move on if there do not seem to be fish in an area.

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Steelheads migrate between freshwater and saltwater to lay their eggs. Sexually mature steelheads enter freshwater systems between November and April to spawn, making this an ideal time to catch them in coast rivers and streams as well as nearby connected lakes.

Longer rods allow fisherman to try several types of steelhead fishing methods, including drift fishing, fly fishing and float fishing, because the line comes off the road from higher above the water. This also results in a slower line down swing which gives the fish more time to spot and go after the bait as it lands.

Leaders can be pre-tied with bait on the end of such tackle as spinners, flies, insects, bait fish and eggs, which are all considered popular immature and mature steelhead bait. These pre-tied leaders can be swapped quickly cutting down the reset time in between steelhead catches.

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