How Do You Find Stats for the Super Bowl?

stats-super-bowl Credit: Boston Globe/Boston Globe/Getty Images

Box scores for every Super Bowl are available on several sites, including A scoring breakdown, a list of team and individual statistics, and a full play-by-play are available on every Super Bowl box score.

The scoring summary details each scoring play in the game, in which quarter each play occurred, and the game's score after each play. A Super Bowl box score includes team statistics such as the number of first downs each team accomplished, the total number of turnovers each team committed, the total number of penalties called against each team, the total number of plays each team ran, and each team's time of possession.

Super Bowl box scores list individual passing, rushing and receiving statistics for offensive players. Passing statistics include the quarterback's number of pass attempts and completions, passing yards, passing touchdowns and interceptions. Rushing statistics include the number of carries, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. Receiving statistics include the number of receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. The Super Bowl box scores also include some defensive individual statistics, including sacks, interceptions and defensive touchdowns.

Super Bowl box scores also contain a play-by-play breakdown of the game. Each play contains statistics such as the time of game when the play occurred, the ball location, the name of the player who advanced the ball on the play, and how many yards were gained or lost on each play.