What States Offer Permits for Concealed Carry?


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As of February 2015, all fifty states in the United States offer concealed carry permits. Rules vary based on the jurisdiction. Safety or training classes may be required before a permit is issued.

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What States Offer Permits for Concealed Carry?
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Concealed carry permits give a person the right to carry a concealed weapon while in public. What is considered a weapon varies based on the state. For example, certain states classify pepper spray canisters above a specified size as a weapon, which could, therefore, require a weapon permit. The name of the permit varies based on the issuing state, but common names include concealed handgun permit, concealed weapon license or carry of concealed deadly weapon license. Certain jurisdictions only issue permits to residents, while others issue permits to residents and non-residents.

Areas are considered either shall-issue, may-issue or no-issue depending on the regulations regarding concealed weapons permits. Shall-issue jurisdictions issue permits to all applicants who meet the qualifications. The applicants do not have to demonstrate a reason for the permit, and the granting authority cannot deny applicants who meet the qualifications. May-issue jurisdictions allow the granting authority to issue permits at its own discretion, which often requires an applicant to have a valid need for the permit. No-issue jurisdictions do not issue permits.

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