What are some states that allow concealed carry permits?


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All states allow concealed carry permitting; however, each state classifies its laws with either ���shall issue��� or ���may issue��� restrictions. With the exception of American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands with ���no issue��� restrictions, U.S. territories also issue concealed carry permits.

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As of 2015, 40 states are ���shall issue��� states, meaning that if a person meets the state���s requirements for a concealed permit, such as age and residency, the issuing agency provides the license. Illinois, the last state to allow concealed carry permits, enacted a ���shall issue��� law in 2013. Alaska, Arizona and Kansas are among several states that changed their ���shall issue��� laws to unrestricted. In other words, if a resident can legally own a firearm, he can legally carry it concealed in public. Vermont has never required special permitting for carrying a concealed weapon.

Ten states practice ���may issue��� concealed carry permitting, which gives the licensing agency power to issue at its discretion. Once a resident meets state requirements for a concealed carry permit, he must provide a reason for wanting the license. The local licensing authority, such as the county sheriff, then decides whether to issue the permit. Urban areas in ���may issue��� states are more often ���no issue��� in practice. For example, it is extremely difficult for a resident of San Francisco to obtain a concealed carry permit despite meeting state requirements.

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