What State Parks Have Programs for Families During Spring Break?

What State Parks Have Programs for Families During Spring Break?

State parks that have programs for families during spring break include Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas State Park, Alabaster Caverns State Park and Caledon State Park. Most of the programs are either free or have a small fee

Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas offers families free programs in subjects like archaeology and nature. The park is open all week during spring break and families can hike, camp and explore the natural resources the park has to offer.

Arkansas State Park offers programs to help get children and their families back into nature. The park is home to many historic sites and families can paddle or swim throughout its many lakes and rivers. Arkansas State Park has a number of campsites where families have the option of staying the entire week of spring break.

Alabaster Caverns is located near Freedom, Oklahoma. During the week of spring break, the park provides guided tours of the gypsum caves, allowing families to explore the underground habitat of bats living in the area. Adults can even spelunk in the wild caves.

Caledon State Park is located in Virginia. The park offers park packs to its guests, which includes binoculars and a wildlife guide that helps guests identify and appreciate the diverse beauty the park offers. Caledon will even rent GPS units to its guests for a small fee.