Who Starts WWE Wrestling Rumors?

WWE wrestling rumors are created by journalists and various wrestling websites. Some websites, such as PWMania.com, claim to get news from reliable and respected sources within the wrestling industry. The website also claims it doesn’t create any false wrestling rumors. Wrestling websites might even share the same wrestling rumors with each other. Social media, such as Twitter, is another platform for writers to start wrestling rumors.

Dave Meltzer is one of the most known professional wrestling journalists, as of 2015. Over the years, Meltzer has worked with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter to publish his wrestling news. Meltzer is known to publish insider wrestling news and behind the scenes stories. It is believed that many WWE wrestlers are subscribed to Meltzer’s newsletters. Some wrestlers have also claimed to have seen copies of Meltzer’s newsletters on the desk of WWE owner, Vince McMahon.

WWE is a major American professional wrestling promotion founded in 1952. The company holds over 300 events per year and is broadcast to millions of viewers around the world. WWE events are entertainment-based, featuring storylines and choreographed matches. Although the matches are pre-determined, performers are still at risk of being injured from the wrestling moves. In 1989, McMahon publicly revealed WWE as being sports-entertainment to avoid being taxed by athletic commissions.