How Do You Start Playing Fantasy Football?

How Do You Start Playing Fantasy Football?

To play fantasy football, join or organize a league, research and draft a team, and follow the team's progress. Fantasy football is a growing phenomenon that lets fans of all ages can come away a winner each week with their own personalized teams.

  1. Organize or find a league

    Whether playing for bragging rights or the chance to win a few bucks, fans may organize their own league among friends or join a public league through ESPN, Yahoo Sports or a number of other venues. Players that are late in joining a league need not worry; many sites form leagues throughout the season.

  2. Draft a team of players

    Research the players you expect to perform the best statistically over the course of the season to prepare for the draft. Since the availability of players depends on the previous picks of those you are competing against, fantasy football enthusiasts should make a list of several players they like at each position.

  3. Follow the action

    Monitor the performance of your team's players and others around the league and take note of injuries. If your running backs and receivers aren't producing, and someone else is in need of your extra quarterback, propose a trade. Remember to take note of your players' bye weeks through the season, and set your lineup each week to avoid a near-certain loss.