How Do You Start a Fire With Sticks and Rocks?

Starting a fire with sticks and rocks requires one movable piece and one base piece brought together with force to produce enough friction to cause a sustainable spark to ignite the tinder underneath, according to Field and Stream. Specific types of sticks and rocks provide the best opportunity for a healthy spark to result in a fire. Easily ignitable material, such as dry leaves or wood kindling, is required as tinder to transform the spark into a fire.

Field and Stream states that the most efficient method for starting a fire with sticks requires using soft wood as base fire board and hard wood as a shaft or spindle to produce enough friction through circular motion to cause a sustainable spark. The friction-based method uses a rapid, circular motion technique with the shaft stick as it comes into contact with the base board. The fire plough method requires rapidly rubbing the shaft stick inside a base board trough and forms particles of wood used for tinder.

The best way to start a fire with rocks requires a striker rock capable of creating a spark and a handstone rock with a natural groove along with tinder to sustain the spark created by striking the two rocks together, according to Wild Wood Survival. The striker rock is elongated in shape, generally of greater hardness than the handstone and made from spark-producing materials, such as quartz, iron or granite. The deep groove in the handstone rock provides shelter for the spark to survive outside elements.