How Do You Start a Fire With Sticks?

start-fire-sticks Credit: Andersen Ross/Blend Images/Getty Images

To start a fire with sticks, collect a sharp cutting tool, tinder, kindling and wood. Make a plow and base used to create the friction necessary to make burning embers. Rub the plow back and forth along the base until embers begin burning, then ignite the tinder with the embers.

  1. Gather the materials

    Collect a knife, a rock, tinder, kindling, firewood and some sturdy wood for the plow and base. The tinder can be fibers from coconut husks, dried weeds and grass, dried leaves, twigs, sticks, wood shavings or tree bark. The kindling and firewood can be bigger branches, tree limbs and logs.

  2. Build a plow and base

    Use the cutting tool to carve a plow approximately 1 foot long, 1 inch thick and 3/4 inch wide, and bevel the tip to a point with two 45-degree angles. Carve a flat spot on the base about 8 inches long, and carve out a groove along the center length as a guide for the plow.

  3. Creating friction

    Press down on the plow, and push it back and forth along the groove in the base at a 45-degree angle until you see smoke and bits of charred wood dust piling up at the ends.

  4. Start the fire

    Press a bundle of tinder up against the side of the burning ember until the tinder ignites, then add the tinder to the kindling and firewood.